Shared vehicles

Seville is at the forefront in Europe in the implementation of non-polluting vehicle sharing services on public roads for use in urban journeys.


Seville is considered, due to its orography and size, to be one of the ideal European cities for incorporating bicycle transport into everyday life. It also has 160 kilometres of cycle lanes.


It is a network of 263 stations with non-electric bicycles. They can be used with a long- or short-term subscription. It is very cheap. For example, the long-term pass, which covers a whole year and is renewable, costs 33,33€ and allows an unlimited number of journeys. Whichever type of travel pass you choose, the first 30 minutes of each journey are always free. The list of the nearest stations, their addresses and the number of bicycles available to start, or available docking points to park them and finish the journey, can be checked in real time on the official SEVICI app.


RideMovi company, which is specialised in shared micro mobility, has also signed an agreement with Seville City Council for a service of 1.000 electric bicycles that are distributed throughout the 318 parking spaces marked out on public roads throughout the city. To use them you need to download the RideMovi App, create your account with your phone number, verify the security code and unlock the use of an available bike.


It offers a total of 1.000 electric bicycles and there are 318 defined parking spaces for taking and parking them. The operating procedure requires accessing the Lime App and registering. From the app on your smartphone, you can find out where the nearest available bicycle is, reserve it, unlock it and use it for the desired time. Once you have completed your journey and parked in one of the mandatory parking areas, you must open the App again to lock the vehicle with a digital padlock that closes the bicycle without the need to attach it to a fixed element.



It offers a network of more than 500 red electric motorbikes that can be used throughout the city, parking them in one of the indicated geographical areas. To use them, you have to download the Acciona Mobility App and register. From there, the nearest motorbike is located and can be booked, and there is a 15-minute time limit to start the journey. There are different rates depending on the driving mode, from 0,19€ per minute.


It offers 400 green electric motorbikes that can be ridden and parked in most parts of the city without having to spend time recharging the battery, and the 'Yego activity zone' is defined in the Yego App. To use it, you need to download the Yego App. The first 15 minutes of booking are free of charge. The App is used to open and close the boot to take or store helmets, and the App also contains the key to start and stop the engine. Usage rates start at 0,27€ per minute.



Has an agreement with the Seville City Council for the rental of around 1.000 electric scooters. To use them you have to download the Voi App on your mobile phone. Once you have created your account, you can see in the App the scooters available at any time. To unlock a scooter and ride it, you have to stand next to it. The procedures for finalising the use and payment are also carried out using the mobile phone. The basic rate is 0,15 € per minute.


Also offers through an agreement with the Seville City Council the use of 1.000 electric scooters for mobility within the city. You have to download the Reby App, which allows you to locate which ones are closest and available and to complete the reservation of one of them, you have to scan the QR code of that particular scooter. In case of incidents, they have customer service in Spanish, English and Italian.