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Sevilla Talent connects you with the creators of technological, scientific and business developments that are achieved from the city with a global perspective. This initiative seeks to attract national and international talent and investment.

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Discover Seville’s business ecosystem through the Panorama of Companies in the Innovation Ecosystem in Seville, which presents in an informative way the specialities of 180 companies that create innovative products and solutions, and conceived with international projection. In sectors such as technology consultancy, software, energy, aerospace, industrial processes, mobility, health, infrastructures, digital content and leisure, among others.

It also knows the presence of more than 50 multinationals that have chosen Seville as one of their bases to develop innovation with global projection. In areas such as aerospace, artificial intelligence, automotive, food and beverages, medicines, microelectronics, logistics, agrotech, video games, environmental management, defence, etc.

Overview of:

PCT Cartuja. A Technology Park of Excellence

The Cartuja Science and Technology Park is the best example in the world of the reuse of infrastructures created for a Universal Exposition, such as Expo’92 in Seville. In the PCT Cartuja, next to the city centre, more than 23,000 people work, belonging to more than 500 companies (from multinationals to startups), scientific research institutes, university faculties, entities linked to innovation, production centres and cultural exhibitions. Some of the leading technologies in strategic sectors such as renewable energies, drones, molecular medicine and intelligent vision sensors are developed in the PCT Cartuja.

Seville. Presidency of cities Ariane 2024

During 2024, Seville holds the presidency of the Community of Ariane Cities (CVA). Our city becomes the European Space Capital, hosting numerous activities and initiatives as a result of public-private collaboration.

The main promoters of this Presidency are Seville City Council and Airbus, with the support of the more than 40 entities that form part of the Space Forum, which will promote more than 40 professional, informative, training, dissemination and leisure initiatives related to the aerospace sector throughout the year.

With the celebration of the Presidency, all the agents involved aim to highlight the value of the aerospace sector in Seville and to promote the knowledge and dissemination of its reality among the people of Seville.

Connect, Inspire, and Transform European Space Sector at WACAM!

Whether you are planning to move to Seville to further your career or you are already settled in the city, we have compiled information and professional contacts to help you on your arrival.

Sevilla City Office, Tourism managemente that makes a city

Seville is very famous as a host city for visitors seeking to enjoy its patrimony and cultural heritage, its climate or its atmosphere; but Seville is also a city where to start up a business, where to settle down to develop projects, to invest and to prosper.

AAIV 2023

National and international promotion and mice

Area for the external promotion of the city as a destination for professional tourism. Through this department Sevilla City Office organises a multitude of corporate meetings, sector congresses and business fairs for the city. Hundreds of thousands of people travel to Seville as a destination for their work agenda, the ideal environment to find synergies with local and other references. Intense and fruitful days in which to combine good work with the charms of the city.

Seville as a Smart Tourist Destination

Fibes is also a sustainable urban laboratory in which to develop ideas and projects related to tourism sustainability and innovation, supported by the Smart Tourist Office

Open spaces to work at ease and grow professionally by sharing experiences.